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 Design Team | Video Content Editor

A brief sample of my work while working for Leapers®, Inc. (2021-2022)

Leapers, Inc.: Welcome



One of my storyboards. While the process can be tedious, there are benefits to drawing visuals to help think through the sequence of video and ultimately the presentation of the product. The essential goal was to create video to sell a product.

Leapers, Inc.: Team Members


This commercial was meant to be fast. My storyboard gave some life to a story about concealed-carry customers.

Leapers, Inc.: Video

A "lifestyle" compilation of shooting and hunting sports. It contains purposeful hunting scenes and precision throughout. This particular video debuted at the 2022 Las Vegas Shot Show.

Leapers, Inc.: Video

UTG PRO® craftmanship of the iconic Battle Worn American Flag

The shot list, video shoots, the editing, and review was completed in one-work day's time and we still had time to party before the close of business.

Leapers, Inc.: Video


This corporate video was intended as a documentary geared towards the UTG PRO brand. Proud to produce this Made in the USA video.

Leapers, Inc.: Video
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